how to get more likes on instagram

15 ways to get more Likes on Instagram :

 Posting on Instagram without a plan is in vain. Take enough time thinking of these words and you can understand the meaning clearly. Letโ€™s agree that any business, regardless of its type, needs a plan before starting to increase the possibility of its success, the same idea with Social Media businesses. So if youโ€™re an Instagrammer, you need to learn how to get more likes on Instagram depending on a plan, whether you will buy Instagram likes from a specialized website or youโ€™re gonna work on this mission by yourself using these 15 ways to get likes for instagaram:

1- Study your competitorsโ€™ strategies:

  • When you know how your competitors work, you can perform better than them, So you need to do research about the Instagrammers presenting the same content you present.
  • Checking the strategies of your competitors helps you in getting new ideas for your content. Of course, we donโ€™t mean to copy them! but this step helps to expand your horizons.
  • In addition, you will be able to know the type of content that gets the audience excited, this way your path to success can be shortened. 

2- Share Stories daily:

  • Instagram story is an interesting feature most users like to use it every day, itโ€™s used by 500 million users daily, itโ€™s an easy way to be active always on Instagram.
  • Stories make your current followers engaged with the content you share, which encourages them to be active and interact with you, this way you can get more likes whether on your posts or stories, in all cases it will give you the possibility of being discovered on the explore page.
  • Stories disappear after 24 hours, which lets you upload your daily life activities and routine. This type of content captivates the followers and makes them curious to be in view.

3- Use Reels Feature:

  • Instagram took after the TikTok videos idea and created a similar feature to grab TikTok videos fansโ€™ attention, which is called โ€œReelโ€.
  • The reel concept depends on being short-timed videos, the maximum time of reels is between 15 to 60 seconds, not longer!
  • This feature helps the influencers to get more new followers and likes without the need to buy Instagram likes.

4- Ask your followers to inform you about their favorite content:

  • To post what the audiences like and prefer gives you a great advantage, when you post appealing content they will be stimulated to interact with it and give it more likes, so ask them for their opinions about what you share with them and let them give you ideas.
  • People like the attractive style of captions, make your captions underneath your posts be supported with Emojis to put some zest into your content.

5- Post High- quality Photos:

  • The professional influencer must have the skill of photography, as the Instagram concept is basically about photos. Can you imagine an Instagrammer who doesn't know how to take photos professionally?! Of course, this Instagrammer will fail.
  • Donโ€™t waste your time and join a photography course to be able to promote your career on Instagram.
  • High-quality photos profiles can lead to likes without the need to buy instagram likes or followers.

6- Mention your Location on your posts and stories:

  • Mentioning your location on your posts and stories can lead to more traffic to your account, this way you give yourself a chance to be visible in front of the people who live in this location.
  • Being visible in front of many audiences will increase likes of your posts, stories, reels, and IGTV.

7- Make a Schedule for Posting:

  • Beyond asking for your audiencesโ€™ opinions and using Instagram features to buy likes on instagram, you should keep in mind the posting times to be able to succeed as a professional influencer.
  • If you visit your posting history analysis, you can realize that making a schedule for posting is an urgent necessity. 
  • This analysis will inform you about the best times of the day to post, in addition to the best days of the week.

8- Use the right Hashtags:

  • Hashtags help your account to be visible in front of more followers, especially if you use the trendy hashtags for which most users search.
  • Hashtags make it easy for the target audience to find your content.
  • But you need the right hashtags to work efficiently, you can choose the right hashtags using a free online tool such as IconoSquare or Webstagram.

9- Use Highlights feature:

  • As we know, Stories disappear after 24 hours, but lately, Instagram has created a new feature that keeps stories available always, itโ€™s called โ€œHighlightโ€.
  • You can highlight the stories you find important to help your followers reach them whenever they want, this way you can satisfy your followers which encourages them to interact with your content through likes and comments. 

10- Follow the Trends:

  • Once a video goes viral, itโ€™s called a โ€œTrendโ€. people on Instagram engage with trends and follow them strongly.
  • So if you want to increase the likes on your posts, create content that is related to the latest trends, this way you can attract more followers and likes.

11- Run Giveaways:

  • The followers like giveaways and interact with them strongly, so if you want to buy cheap instagram likes, giveaways are the perfect solution.
  • You will invest in a low-priced way that leads to many likes and followers, or head to buy instagram likes from a trustworthy place.
  • Giveaway idea works by telling your followers that they must tag a specific number of friends or like a post, this way they can be nominated to win the giveaway.

12- Go live:

  • The โ€œliveโ€ feature will help you to be close to your followers, this way you can make a friendship relation with them.
  • As all Social media marketing methods depend on getting the audienceโ€™s loyalty, this feature is doing it well.

13- Get in Popular Conversations:

  • Search for the Instagrammers who have a huge number of followers and their accountโ€™s engagement is high, then make comments on their posts.
  • This way you can be visible in front of a wide range of users.

14- Use Sponsored Ads:

  • Sponsored Ads will accelerate the process of getting or buying likes on instagram, it will help a lot in increasing traffic on your profile.
  • You will invest in this tool with little money, but you can gain more money through it. To make it efficiently you need to learn more about this feature. 

15- Take care of your Bio:

  • The โ€œBioโ€ Feature on Instagram is the first place for which the followers are looking to get more information about the account they will follow.
  • Your Bio is considered as a brief about you and the content you present especially if youโ€™re marketing a brand on Instagram, so that it should include all the details about your business (the address- the type of products or services you provide- a brief about your business history- etc).

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