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Why and How You Should Buy YouTube Subscribers

If there is one industry that is constantly growing into new forms, it is entertainment. During the last couple of decades, we have seen a dramatic shift in entertainment as it slowly left our TV sets and moved to the internet. So much so, that our TVs have had to adapt to that change as well. A lot of different platforms came forward to offer their services as a common place for people to find entertainment that they appreciate. However, the best part was that no one needed to have a license of any kind to share media. This meant that a lot more people could come forward and share their videos with the world.

However, with so many people creating and uploading content all the time, it can be quite difficult to stand out among the crowd. However, before you go ahead and buy YouTube subscribers for your channel, it is important that you evaluate your needs and see where you stand. Before you can take benefit from purchasing packages to increase your audience, you need to understand how things work with YouTube. It is extremely important that you do not go in unprepared and that is why we are providing you with the most comprehensive guide. Once you understand all the aspects of YouTube and how it works, you will be better equipped to make the right decision regarding your channel.

What is YouTube?

Before we go any further, let us establish some facts regarding the platform in question. It is important to do this so you not only understand what it is but also how you should approach it. Who knows, maybe you will end up learning something you did not even know about it. A lot of people think that YouTube is a product of Google which is not true at all. It is a company that was founded by three young men who ended up getting a lot more popular than they could ever imagine. Within a people of one year, the company not only found millions of dollars in investment but it also eventually became the property of Google with a massive $1.65 billion acquisition!

The purpose of this is purely to provide people across the world with the ability to make and share their video content with a global audience. What started off as a small platform in 2005 now has a user base of 1.3 BILLION! It is a platform with enormous capacity as people upload 300 hours of video every single minute! The daily visitor count for this platform is around 30 million people, and these people watch about 5 billion videos every day! A billion of these views come solely from mobile phones. Most importantly, it is one of the largest sources of earning revenue through ads by incorporating them into your videos. The income that YouTube makes alone from ads is in billions of dollars and the figure is the same for people posting videos as well.

The point of mentioning all these statistics is to give you an idea of how big of a world this platform has created and how many opportunities you have as a creator. So, before you go ahead and decide to spend your money to buy YouTube subscribers, it is important that you evaluate where you stand in that ecosystem. To make sure that you are capable of making a mark on your subscribers and the platform in general, you need to know exactly how the platform works and how you can make money from it as well.

How does it all work?

For any creator who wants to make videos and show them to the world, YouTube provides the perfect platform. This is a place where they have access to more than a billion potential viewers, all of whom can be reached and are within your range. To do so, you need to understand exactly how the platform decides who the content should be viewed by. The very first thing in that thing is the channel and the video uploading process. For anyone who wants to show their work, they need a channel. This is basically a page on the website where all your videos can be found by any u

A lot of people also use it to create their personal video collection and that is why the platform also allows the option of keeping content private. However, if you were someone who wanted to keep their videos private you would not be here reading this. And that is what the other group is: creators who are creating videos only to share it with everyone in the world. For those people, the platform provides all the details and tools they need to progress their channels.

Speaking of reaching out to everyone in the world, the first thing you need to understand is the algorithm. While you may want to show your videos to everyone one platform and even buy YouTube subscribers for it, doing so would not make sense. Everyone has their interests, and they want to view a certain type of content. The platform understands this and tries to curate the content to make sure that everyone sees content based on their individual preferences. Here are a few things that the algorithm considers when suggesting content to viewers:

- Location: One of the most important factors that the platform considers is the location of the viewer. For example, if a viewer is from the United States, they will be suggested content made by creators from the United States as well. This is a logical thing to do as local interests are often the strongest factor for content according to several types of research.

- Hashtags: A relatively newer implementation on the platform, hashtags now have a key role to play when it comes to sorting videos. When a creator is uploading a new video, they are asked to add the hashtags that are most relevant to their content. Since the video itself does not have any real written content, using hashtags allows the platform to directly sort videos against potential keywords. This is quite an important step in making sure that the suggestions provided by the platform to viewers are accurate, especially when they are against a specific search phrase.

- Demographics: The platform is extremely sensitive to a person’s demographic details when it comes to suggesting content. Depending on the age of a person, certain content may or may not be considered appropriate and therefore eliminated from suggestions. A huge example of this is the kid-friendly policy that YouTube has for all the content that gets uploaded to it. If you are posting any content, you need to tell the platform if it is targeted at kids or not. There is a separate platform for kids as well where safe content is posted constantly by many popular creators.

- Interests: Depending on the content a viewer is interested in, he or she will be suggested content that matches those interests. To do this, the platform uses things like your search history and the videos you have watched. With your entire history present in its database, it can determine what your most favorite content type is and the things that you have been searching for recently. Furthermore, it also uses other data like your Google searches to suggest different videos.

- Local trends: Google also keeps the local trends in mind when suggesting videos and it may match things like your demographic data and the locally produced content to find similarities. Videos who match both criteria also have a chance of showing up in a viewer’s feed.

There are several other factors as well that come into play and you need to be aware of how the overall algorithm works. Not taking them into consideration when uploading videos can lose you a lot of potential views. You can also learn a lot more about how the platform works using the Academy domain for the platform. A lot of useful information is present there for creators that you can use to optimize your content for your viewers.

Why Do People Make Videos for YouTube?


If you were to answer this question in the simplest of tones, you could say that it is to reach a large audience and potentially earn an income as well. However, things are never as simple as that and for each creator, it often, at least one, or a combination of the following factors. It would not even be an overstatement to say that for most professional creators, all the factors listed below count as equally important. Here are a few major reasons why people create videos and upload them to the platform.

- Gaining Publicity: The most obvious reason for anyone to create something and share it with others is publicity. This is a basics psychological concept that is present in human beings right from their birth. We all want to seek attention and as we grow older, our methods and reasons start to grow more and more complex. However, the underlying psychology remains the same. Therefore, it applies the same way for the content on this platform as well which is there not just for the viewer’s pleasure, but also for the creator behind it. If you are a creator displaying your skills, you want people to recognize your skills and show you acceptance as well. For a lot of people, this alone is everything they need, making all else feel secondary.

- Source of income: One of the key features that you can see on this platform is the ability to monetize your content. There are a lot of different ways to do that but the most obvious one is ad revenue. After you have grown your channel by a certain number (1000 subscribers) and have achieved the desired watch hours (4000), you become eligible for advertising on your videos. YouTube has a special program that allows creators to show advertisements to viewers, just like they would on their TV between programs.

Becoming eligible for this program allows creators to earn a share of the revenue that comes from that advertisement. This is the major source of income for the platform as well and creators want to get maximum views for every video that they post. That is also why they buy YouTube subscribers as that can ensure a high view count on every video.

- Brand Deals: A major source of income for creators on this platform is the deals that they make with brands. This happens when your channel grows large enough to create a significant audience. When that happens, brands selling products related to your niche tend to approach you for publicity. This is a frequently used tactic these days by brands as they want to get as much organic publicity for their products as they can. Viewers tend to believe the most in products that they see people that they trust using. If you are to showcase a product in one of your videos and show it as a useful thing, it could lead to a lot of sales for the brands.

The bigger your channel is, the more deals you are likely to get. In addition to that, the size of the companies that want to work with you will also increase. In the beginning, it may be small and local businesses with a limited budget who would want to work with you. However, with sufficient growth, you can eventually work with major international brands and make huge deals. Channels with a sufficiently large subscriber base can earn millions of dollars every year in brand deals alone. 

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg and you can find plenty of other reasons to do this as well. Regardless of what your reasons may be, it is clear that if you want to influence the world and make a mark, making videos and uploading them on this platform is clearly a great way to do that. And to make sure you get the voice that you need to create that impact, you should also buy YouTube subscribers as that will boost your cause significantly.

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