best Ways To Increase Views On Instagram :

Are you on Instagram for years and can not increase your followers?! Thatโ€™s horrible, I know. Especially since the number of views are displayed under the video, which puts you under pressure to be on this track. Here are the best ways to increase views on instagram and hit a record:

1- Learn more about Instagram Algorithm:
Every person on instagram looks forward to getting views for instagram videos, especially the commercial accounts, as the number of followers is their main target to activate their businesses. So if youโ€™re one of those who need to increase instagram video views and make your content rank, then you should learn more about Instagram algorithm, you need to know how it works and whatโ€™s needed to work effectively. 

2- Use all Instagram features:

Instagram got its popularity in the marketing field because of its amazing features, as they are so helpful in attracting more potential customers to brands, here are some of its great features and how to use them professionally to achieve your goals:

  • Stories:

There are lots of tricks for leveraging instagram stories for businesses, all you need to get advantage of them is implementing them carefully and professionally to give great impressions about your products or services, for example:

  • Use poll sticker on your stories, you ask a simple yes or no question to increase the audience engagement. itโ€™s useful, give it a try!
  • Upload attractive and high quality photos that show your products.
  • Ask questions on your stories by using the question sticker, this way you allow your followers to interact with your content easily, which increases their loyalty for your brand.
  • The more interesting content you use on your stories, the more free instagram views and likes you get.
  • Reels: 

Reel is a recently released feature, its technique is similar to TikTok videos, and the audience likes to watch it. It's a really good way to show your products, especially if your products are clothes. If you wanna increase instagram reels views free, just contact Famous Seller team, as we have a great variety of reels services in addition to all social media marketing services.

  • IGTV:

Never miss the IGTV feature on your marketing strategy, as it's an amazing new feature to increase views on instagram , it can grow your brandโ€™s visibility if you use it efficiently.

  • Posts:

Posts are the main feature on Instagram, and there are many techniques that let you improve them to get higher instagram views free, for example:

  • Write catchy captions underneath these posts to encourage people to add likes and comments on them.
  • Post high- quality photos, as Instagram is about photos.
  • Choose proper times to post, post in heavy traffic times.
  • Live videos:

Engagement is the secret of the game on all Social Media platforms especially on Instagram, so when you go live you can attract your followersโ€™ attention, they consider you as one of their friends especially if youโ€™re a fluent talker. Just use the โ€œliveโ€ feature during heavy traffic times to increase views on instagram easily.

  • Sponsored Ads:

If you need a fast promotion then use Instagram sponsored ads, as they can let you achieve great results with a little cost.

  • Highlights:

If you have too good stories to stay available just for 24 hours, then you should use the Highlights feature. Itโ€™s a way to save the top stories on your profile as long as you like.



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What Are Instagram Video Views? 

 View is a feature on Instagram, allowing Instagrammers to know the number of people who are interested in their content. If you posted a video, photo, reel, or a story and one person watched it, this means you have 1 view, if two persons this means you have 2 views. There is a big difference between a post that has 2000 views and the one that has 20 views. 

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