15 Best Instagram Marketing Tips 

What is Instagram marketing that helps increase the number of followers?

 Instagram started as a simple photo- sharing app, but it has crossed the expectations and it has become a massive marketing platform today, this happened because of its amazing features that allow people to market themselves or their brands comfortably. From this point the concept of Instagram Marketing has become the most effective marketing method on all Social Media platforms.

Instagram Marketing is the way that people use to attract more audience to their businesses, whether this business is related to commercial brands, or fame. Yes! Fame is a business now. We see a lot of people seek to be influencers with a huge number of followers on Instagram, as this way they can get advertising work easily, even the artists who are already famous, but they use Instagram and insist on being active to be always in touch with their fans, as itโ€™s really important these days.


Best Instagram Marketing Tips You Should Not Miss:

  • Create a business account:

If you have a brand and want to boost its popularity fast, then you should create a business account on Instagram, because it gives you access to many features that you canโ€™t find in a personal account, especially if you want to get results quickly.

  • Target your audience:

You need to figure out who will interact with your content and who would be interested in what youโ€™re offering, to be able to create ads speaking directly to those audiences, which means you can achieve your targets in a short time.

  • Write all details on your profile:

The first thing the audiences want to see is your bio, they open your profile to read this bio in which they look forward to finding all the details related to your business: business type, contact info, and your website URL, etc.

  • Use IGTV feature:

IGTV is a great feature that Instagram released lately, this feature allows instagrammers to post long videos up to 60 minutes for VIP users. IGTV can be an effective tool in your  Instagram Marketing strategy, as brands can leverage this feature in many ways, for example: you can make video tutorials to show your productsโ€™ features.

  • Use sponsored Ads:

If you have a good budget, use sponsored Ads that instagram allows as it will help you a lot in targeting more audiences. Without sponsored ads, your followers are the only audience who can see your latest posts and stories. Furthermore, you can target specific audiences according to the demographic that Instagram allows to you, this way you can do your best in just one direction.

10 Ways to increase Instagram followers:

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2- Use the free services that help you in growing your account.

3- Never forget to use Hashtags on your posts, as it is the secret way to increase your visibility.

4- Write down attractive captions on your posts.

5- Create funny and catchy stories on instagram, this way you can create a connection with your followers, which increases their loyalty to your brand.

6- Post daily, you should get a content calendar to keep your posting schedule on track. 

7- Go Live on Instagram, that attracts people to listen more from you.

8- Reply to the comments and DMs.

9- Collaborate with influencers who have big numbers of followers.

10- Make Ads on other Social Media Channels.

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What's the best strategy for growing your account on Instagram?

 When we come to Instagram Marketing we will find lots of methods and tools to boost your popularity and get more audience, you just need to choose the most proper strategy for you and your budget, here are some of the best strategies you can follow to increase your instagram followers:

Note: you can apply all the strategies at the same time to get fast results or you can apply one strategy then you can apply the rest gradually.

How do you increase your customers on Instagram?

 To attract more customers you need to post productsโ€™ photos that are very high- quality. 

  • Do contests that encourage your audience to interact with your content by likes, comments, and shares.
  • Post exclusive content in your stories.
  • Reply to your customersโ€™ inquiries in comments or DMs.
  • Add your website link in stories, as soon as they swipe up, they get to your website.

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